New Years Resolution

When I was little I had the opportunity to learn to knit with needles but never really had a keen interest and never continued it further: I kept to French knitting. However, now that I’ve grown up I have started to value the potential that knitting can open up for me.

Just before Christmas I knitted a scarf using a knitting board instead of knitting needles, initially I thought it would be a lot quicker than learning to knit and getting good results as time wasn’t in my hands. I managed to knit a decent scarf and I was very pleased with the results even though it took an awful lot longer to make than first thought.

 As one of my many New Year’s Resolutions I have decided to discover something new everyday for as long as I can however big or small the task may be; my first task was to learn to knit using needles.

Jan 1st – Casting on stitches to knitting needles and creating a basic garter stitch.

12 Garter stitches on 4mm Needles, stitches kept very tight. I am very impressed with my first sample of knitting and really like the rough texture from the tight knitting on small needles.

Jan 2nd – Casting off stitches, Pearl stitch with fancy lace effect.

This sample is a pearl stitch where you knit through the back of the stitch for each row of knitting.  To make the sample more interesting I added a little ‘lace’ effect in the middle for one row of stitching, this was created by entering the stitch though the front and then wrapping the wool around both needles and then through the middle. I have found the bigger needles and a slack knit to be more difficult to control, as a result this sample is very untidy.

Jan 3rd – Stocking stitch


This sample was created by knitting one row of garter stitch and then pearling one row alternately. Towards the bottom of the sample I reversed the knitting to show the difference from the pattern on the back; the front pattern runs vertically and the reverse runs horizontally. I managed to create this by accident at the very top but as I went on I decided to make a feature of it at the bottom in rows. To reverse the knitting pattern I stitched two pearl rows then continued with one row of pearl after one row of garter continuously then repeated this process to create the bands.


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