Back home…

Last Sunday whilst walking around Bristol Docks with a friend I paid a visit to one of my favourite galleries; The Arnolfini. I hadn’t been since the summer and was curious to know what exhibitions were on that could inspire me. What Next For The Body was currently being exhibited. The work displayed considers the conditions and outcomes of the body breaking down, delving into the composition and decomposition of the body.


The work that stood out most prominent to me was from Zoran Todorovic; Warmth/Toplina 2009. The exhibit contains large pallets of blankets displayed for sale with fast motion videos clips of the manufacture around the room. After touching the felted fabric I watched one of the videos and soon realised the blankets were made of human hair, collected from hairdressing salons, prisons and military barracks. I was shocked to discover this and for a moment shivered at the though if sleeping with a blanket of that sort over me! The most interesting part of the exhibit for me was that the artist used a material that is frequently discarded and gave it a function; I feel this is the way the future needs to be in terms of sustainability.


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