Resolution …

Jan 4thRibbing

Similar to my previous knit, this sample alternates from single stitches of garter and pearl within each row. For my sample I started off with a few rows a garter stitch to stabilise my knitting, I then stitched two garter for every two  pearl stitches, this was then repeated to create the ribbing. I finished it off with a few rows of garter stitches to make the sample look neat and presentable. I found this type of knit very difficult because I had to change stitch type frequently and thus only produced a small square.

Jan 5th Lace

Alike my other samples, this started off with five rows of garter stitch. I had previously used this type of stitch in a sample before hand and only had to practice this stitch on a larger piece. I really like this type of knit because of its flexibility to stretch further than other knits.



Jan 6thFlower loom

These flowers were made on a circular loom, similar to French knitting. The circle is much larger and you can overlap as you go around the circle as many times as you can. The middle is then sewn to secure the centre. I really enjoyed making these flowers and recon they would make lovely brooches or even jewellery; perhaps this is something I could experiment with in the near future.

Jan 7th Pom-poms

My little family of pom-poms! I made these by winding wool between two sticks that were attached to a platform base. The bigger the pom-pom the wider apart the sticks needed to be and also more wool is used. I really liked the feel of the soft wool but also made some brown pom-poms which are made from rough wool.


Jan 8th – Crochet

Crochet is similar to knitting but crochet consists of pulling loops of yarn through other loops and only one loop is active at one time. I managed to successfully make a foundation chain and the above sample is of a double crochet. I found making this sample difficult because I only had knitting wool to make it and not traditional mercerized cotton. I’d like the revisit this technique in future so I can improve and learn more types of crochet stitches.

Jan 9th – Hand Embroidery

Hand embroidery is something I have previously come across during my studies; I didn’t really experiment with it and is why I am revisiting it now. The embroidery threads are very soft and colourful and make my samples come alive. The over samples are basic backstitches and satin stitch for filling in spaces.


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