Mission #12 and #13

Jan 12th – Cable knit

I had previously got given a knitted jumper as a gift for Christmas and really like the look and feel of the cable twists on the cardigan; this inspired me to find out how it was made. I discovered that three needles were required; one double ended needle and two normal ones. I stitched 27 stitches in total, 5 stitches at either end for a border, two 6 stitch cables and 5 stitches in the middle to separate the two cables. To make the cable the first half was taken from the left needle and placed on the double ended needle. The second half of the cable was then knitted followed by the first half on the double needle. I then stitched three rows of stocking stitch starting with pearl stitches ready for the next row of cabling. This was then repeated until desired length. I like this effect but doesn’t seem like the cables on my jumper, more experimentation with wool type and size of needles.

Jan 13th – crochet revisited

I had previously had a go at crochet a few days back but found it difficult using wool, I went to a local sewing shop and bought some merchandised cotton, this was recommended on the DVD tutorial that I had been watching. I used the same technique that I had used beforehand and achieve much better results. I really like the texture and overall finish of this sample, its also neater and the pattern within is more defined than my earlier test piece with wool.


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