I haven’t been faithful to my new year’s resolution at all for the past week! I feel really bad but due to moving back to university and having new projects set I am in some way fulfilling my resolution by learning new things within my workshops. I have decided to spend my spare time wisely and to visit museums, art galleries and markets more, this way I will have further inspiration for future projects.

 Yesterday I and a few friends went to Jacob’s Antiques Market, just around the corner from central station. I had been looking for old opera binoculars on ebay for about a week and kept getting outbid and wasn’t prepared to pay a lot for some. I had a look around the market and couldn’t believe how much stuff was available to buy! Old military guns, suitcases, fur jackets and even Mcfly CD’s! My flat mates pointed out two binoculars; miniature ones which were very cute and in good condition but couldn’t afford to buy them for £40!, the another one was only £10, in fairly good condition and a lot bigger. I was very pleased with my purchase and now my collection of objects to study for my project is complete; an old pocket watch, old camera and some vintage binoculars.


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