‘Routes’ Exhibition 20th Jan 2011

On Thursday my year group was invited to an exhibition called ‘routes’ at Cardiff’s Oriel Canvas gallery, it was put together by the final year student on the Contemporary Textile Practice course at UWIC.  All seven exhibitors were asked to choose an artefact from a museum and interpret it in a personal, new and contemporary way, making it come alive.

The work that stood out most to me was the work of Holly Flye and Diba Mehrabi because their work has clear and direct links to their own history when explained by themselves; this was especially helpful as I wouldn’t have been able to interpret the work in as great detail as they did.

 Holly Flye’s initial object was a washing board and tin bath which linked well with her installation of girls dresses hung on a washing line. Various techniques such as hand embroidery, silk screen printing, image transfer and digital embroidery was used to embellish her work. Her work was created in memory to the 1966 disaster of the coal tips slurry in Aberfan, Wales. This disaster wasn’t something I hadn’t read or heard about before and it was lovely to hear it from someone whose family was living in the areas at the time of the disaster. Her work, concepts, factual history and knowledge is brought together nicely and is shown clearly within her work and is why it stood out for me the most.

Diba Mehrabi’s work is called ‘Can I have freedom please?’ Her work is in dedication to support the Green protest for freedom in Iran which is something she feels very strongly about. Diba Mehrabi’s work had strong links to her childhood history living in Iran and the struggles her family and many Iranian people were going through. Having to put her own beliefs aside and pretend to believe in another religion because of conflict with government, her and many other alike couldn’t be themselves and have to conform to government rules. Her work consists of hand embroidery and digital printing techniques. Her initial object was a painting of Iranian women looking happy and cheerful, but this wasn’t the case when Diba Mehrabi was growing up and perhaps inspired her to create the work she exhibited at the gallery.

A few other artists work within  ;-

Elan Mererid – Encasement of the organic^

Indre Vrublaiuskaite – Conduit^

Ellis Marjorie Howells – Traced patterns ongoing paper ^

Jaumnee McCormack – Abandonment ^

Lucy Suddaby-Smith was also exhibiting a flash video that she produce called The Story of the ink that reads you.


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