to tell, to see, to capture time…

During the Christmas break we were sent out our next project for term two; ‘The world is full of objects’ where we had to choose three or more objects to study, these objects would be the foundation of our creativity and outcomes.

The three objects that I decided to choose were objects that I had been given, borrowed and bought, they need no electrical energy to work and this was something I liked about the objects, it also linked them together well suitably. My first objects was given to me as a gift and is used to tell the time, my second object is borrowed from a friend that captures time itself and my third object was bought from an antiques market used to see time; an old pocket watch, an old camera and finally some vintage opera binoculars. These objects have a close link to one another as they all represent time; a moment in time shown on a watch face, a moment in time looked through a lens from a distance and a moment in time captured.

These our my three chosen objects that i will be using within my workshops this spring term.


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