I used Bondaweb for my first set of experimentations within this workshop. I painted directly onto Bondaweb with acrylic to paint to transfer a drawn image onto a fabric using the iron. This technique proved interesting and my results look impressive.

I also used Bondaweb as it traditional use for appliqué, to hold fabric into place allowing me to add decorative stitching without the fabric moving.

Trapunto, also known as stuffed quilting. This technique used the appliqué method with stitching around the design and a slit made in the backing fabric. This was then packed with stuffing and stitch by hand to seal it.

 Tyvek is a strong durable waxy paper using in the building industry predominantly and is recyclable. I didn’t like working with Tyvek as it isn’t a texture I like to touch before or after it is heated with the heat gun.


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