A Few Summer Activities

Sunny Turkey!

The hottest place I’ve ever been!

An amazing holiday spent surrounded by great people in a spectacular landscape.


Discovering good quality Fabrics from my local Childrens scrapstore in Bristol.

Grabbed a  great bargain at a jumble sales for only £2, I used my scrap store fabrics to create an interesting lining with pockets  to bring this bag up to date and make it more desirable.

^ measuring the bag to create pattern pieces for lining.


Distorting Patterned Fabric with the use of pin tucks. I used old floral curtain fabric obtained from the scrap store.


Aquarium Visit

Marine live and species have always intrigued me and I was drawn to the jelly fish the greatest but very disappointed as there were no octopuses on show; I expected a lot more but in all it was a great day out with the family.


Weekend away to Bournemouth ‘late Sept

Trip to the Sea Side! Unfortunately didn’t win anything at the Amusements  but had a lovely few days with the boyfriend and evenn managed to nab some shells and textured rocks for my desk at University.


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