New Term New Brief….Civil Engineering and Textiles

‘The explore aspects of welsh cultures through Craft & Industry. Consider ethical and Ecological issues whilst also considering innovative responses to materials and processes.  Contemplate the role of an engineer within society including safety and sustainability. With this study the limitations that civil engineers have with their Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). How can this be improved inorder to meet their needs efficiently whilst also considering the materials impacts on the environment?’


Cardiff Bay –

Charity Shops –

The people that voluunteered at the charity shops helped alot with giving us information on how they recieve their goods and dispose of unwanted items.  Giving to charity in my mind a  wonderful thing, One mans waste is another mans treasure.

PreFab Clothing PreFab processes and reconditions donated pre-loved clothing and accessories of good quality for re-sale at affordable prices at our shop at 73 Albany Road. Monies raised and generated by PreFab is directly reinvested into the project and into services for homeless people at the Cardiff YMCA Housing Association. This shops stand out from any other charity based shop becasue time and effort is put into the unwanted products to make them more desirable, upcycling is the way forward!

RE-Create- Scrap Store-

Re-create is a play resource centre and scrap store, mostly schools and children centers visiting here to find wierd and wonderful things! Donations of unwanted materials from local busines and industries are sold to public for a small donation to the charity. I have a similar scrap store at home and ofter buy materials here to aid my activities at university.

The Big Pit –

A National coal museum in Wales that still retains many traits of its former role as a coal mine, standing high on the heather-clad moors of Blaenafon. Unfortunately we were unable to take our cameras into the mine itself because of health & safety regulations. Nether the less this has had to been the greatest research day yet, seeing the conditions that miners were in and being told first-hand what it was like working long hours under poor conditions only 50 years ago. A couple of days previousto our visit Jedward had been filming for a children’s program! How exciting!

Cardiff Castle-

Indoor Market-

indoor market isn’t somewhere i visit that often but when visiting i couldn’t help but notice the intricate inspirational architecture found on the arches supporting the roof of the Victorian structure. This building is at the heart of the city, allowing customers to many products such as foods, pots and pans and even pets! People have been trading here hundreds of years preserving a great tradition of trade and culture. I was most astonished by the atmosphere created by passing crowds of people interacting with each other, perhaps bartering over a bargain.


National Museum of Wales –

Some interesting Ceramics found at the National Museumcreated by Welsh aritsts and industries.