The Printed Surface Exhibition – Craft in the Bay 22nd March 2011

Craft in the Bay is a place I love to visit to keep up to date with my artist research and is a great resource for inspiration. The current exhibition was called The Printed Surface, featuring work of artists and designers who had chosen a medium such as glass, metal, ceramics and textiles to develop along with a printing techniques to incorporate into their work for this exhibition.

Rebecca Gouldson
Jackie Field – Beyond The Window Syon Park


Nicole Thoss – Ceramic Picture Box
Dawn Dupree – It’s Never Black & White
Kimberley Scott – Everyday Encounters

Warp and Weft Exhibition @ Craft in the Bay – 19th Feb 2011

Myself and a good friend had taken a visit to Cardiff Bay, we decided to go look at the exhibition held at Craft in the Bay – Warp and Weft. The exhibition gave us both an insight to contemporary weaving from artists such as Ann Richards, Laura Thomas, Reiko Sudo and many more.

I particularly enjoyed the work of Hiroko Takeda and her use of photographs as initial study to produce wonderful pieces of work.  Her work has strong natural elements within which is something I love very much.

Hiroko Takeda – Fluffy
Reiko Sudo - Feather Flurries
Kathy Schicker – X-ray Dress
Ainsley Hillard - To and Fro
Laura Thomas - Arc
Hiroko Takeda - Black Metal Flower