Our Future?

I have recently been researching into consumption and the impacts this has on the environment. It’s scary to think that our planet will reach a global collapse by 2025 due to the rate of population growth; our population has quadrupled over the past 100 years. In just 13 years time the state of the world could be totally different to what it is now.

“All we’re doing is what all other creatures have ever done to survive, expanding into whatever territory is available and using up whatever resources are available, just like a bacterial culture growing in a Petri dish till all the nutrients are used up. What happens then, of course, is that the bugs then die in a sea of their own waste”  www.newscientist.com/article/dn17569-consumerism-is-eating-the-future.html?full=true

Perhaps a pandemic of some sort is waiting for us to alleviate and slow our growing population, to limit our resource consumption, and change our ways of living in a finite world.

Annie Leonard – Story of Stuff Enlightened me about the way we consume and the impacts that it’s having on our environments. If everyone knew more about the things they buy and the processes involved perhaps we could be more responsible and make better decision.